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Great Lakes

East Africa

The vision for Timothy Two is to train indigenous pastors so they are both equipped to train their own people, but also so the Lord might raise up a few of these pastors whom we can send to train others.


Longer term, we want national pastors to be training their fellow pastors in good biblical theology. In order for this to work, we will need your help with your prayers, and we will need for people to sacrifice to give so we can cover the costs that Timothy Two national trainers will have. It is much less expensive to send national pastors than it is to send anyone from the USA.


It costs approximately $300 per week for a national pastor's expenses. His expenses would include a bus ticket to and from the city where he will train other pastors, a place to stay, food, and then lunch for all of the pastors each day of training.


Please pray about this with us. Funding a national trainer for a week might be a good small group or Sunday School project.

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