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Dale Brown

Field of service undesignated

A pastor, counselor, coach, mentor, speaker and teacher for over 30 years, Dale has helped hundreds of people survive and thrive beyond the challenges of their lives.

He holds a B.S. from the University of Texas and the M.Div. and Ph.D. degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dale has pastored six churches in Texas and New England, traveled and taught overseas and led Men’s Retreats and Conferences. He has taught in numerous prisons and been a chaplain in the hospice, hospital and first responder settings. He has ministered in multiple prisons and worked with sex offenders and victims. His passion is to help people make a lasting impact on the world.

He has led study trips to Israel and Greece/Turkey and mission trips to Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico and Guatemala. He writes:

My life mission is to fervently love God and people, expressing that love frequently, and persevering in it forever.

I believe God’s greatest desire is to build a Kingdom of all tribes and tongues to worship and serve him, bringing glory to himself, good to his followers, and restored shalom to his creation. God transforms us through his Word, his indwelling Spirit, and his community. The Church is Jesus’ Bride, his body who thinks and behaves and loves like he did when he walked the earth. At least, that is the goal. God transforms us into his likeness through corporate worship, intimate interaction through small groups, and through his life in each of us as we spend time with him. All three are necessary for growing into his likeness, being and doing Jesus on the earth.

My desire is to be used by God to help others on their journey with Christ as we grow into his likeness in whatever context, place or life situations God chooses, thus fulfilling the Great Commandment, the Great Commission, and the Cultural Mandate.

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