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Steve Frank


Latin America

For 38 years Steve served as a solo-pastor (not a singer) and as lead pastor-head of staff. He’s served in rural areas, a reservation, small towns, suburbs, and large cities. In 1995 the Lord told him, “I will make you a pastor to pastors.” Since then he’s been mentoring and counseling lay pastors, missionaries, ministry interns, and other leaders. He’s ministered and taught in Mexico, Finland, Estonia, and Cuba.


With Timothy Two Steve continues his passion to train pastors who will train pastors – who will train pastors – as Jesus’ reign rips back the darkness. Steve has a B.A., M.Div., and post-grad M.A. in pastoral counseling. He is very married to Jamie Parker-Frank. They have two married daughters, four grandchildren, and several spiritual sons and daughters.


“Jamie and I invite you to partner with us in prayer for this vital ministry, and by giving for our ministry expenses. We give God thanks for you, your intercession, for every gift, and for monthly giving. We cannot fulfill this calling without you.”

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