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2022 Latin America Workshops Completed or Scheduled: 

    1. Jan 9: Cojutepeque, EL SALVADOR (Dan) Workshop #2

    2. Feb 5: Various Cities, PANAMA (Dan) Re-Forma Workshop via Zoom

    3. Mar 2: Villa Nueva, GUATEMALA (Dan) Workshop #2

    4. Apr 12: Santa Tecla, EL SALVADOR (Beth) Children's Leaders Wkshop

    5. Apr 12: Santa Tecla, EL SALVADOR (Dan) Re-Forma Workshop

    6. May 1: Cojutepeque, EL SALVADOR (Dan) Workshop #3

    7. Jun 6: Villa Nueva, GUATEMALA (Dan) Workshop #3

    8. Jun 18 - Jul 2: Various Cities, PANAMA (Dan) Workshop #1 

    9. Aug 20 -  Sep 3: Various Cities, PANAMA (Dan) Workshop #2

   10. Sep 5: Villa Nueva, GUATEMALA (Beth) Children's Leaders Workshop

   11. Sep 5: Villa Nueva, GUATEMALA (Dan) Workshop #4

   12. Oct 9: Cojutepeque, EL SALVADOR (Dan) Workshop #4

   13. Nov 1: Cartagena, COLOMBIA (Beth) Children's Leaders Workshop

   14. Nov 1: Cartagena, COLOMBIA (Dan) Re-Forma Workshop

   15. Nov 12 - 26: Various Cities, PANAMA (Dan) Workshop #3

2021 Latin America Workshops Completed:

  1. Jan 25: Guayaquil, ECUADOR (Dan) Workshop #4 

  2. Feb 1: Port-de-Paix, HAITI (Dan) Workshop #1

  3. Feb 13: Cartagena, COLOMBIA (Dan) Workshop #4

  4. Mar 15: Mexico City, MEXICO Group 1 (Dan) Workshop #1

  5. Mar 29: Port-de-Paix, HAITI (Dan) Workshop #2

  6. Apr 1: Port-de-Paix, HAITI (Dan) Workshop #3

  7. May 1: Port-de-Paix, HAITI (Dan) Workshop #4

  8. Aug 30: San Miguel, EL SALVADOR (Dan) Workshop #1

  9. Sep 6: Cojutepeque, EL SALVADOR (Dan) Workshop #1

  10. Oct 11: Villa Nueva, GUATEMALA (Dan) Workshop #1

Dan is the Regional Director for Latin America including the nations of Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. He trains pastors and ministry leaders throughout the region in Bible and theology, trains and coordinates the work of the Latin American National Missionary Partners and trains many of Timothy Two's Interns. Beth trains children's ministry leaders how to teach children more effectively and inductive Bible study methods.

Dan earned an M.Div. from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, served as a pastor of three churches in North Carolina and Ohio and serves as Co-Chair of the World Missions Committee of the Coastal Mid-Atlantic Presbytery. 

Beth earned a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion and Secondary Education Certification from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and taught children of all ages in public and Christian schools and churches. 

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Email: dan@timothytwo.org

US Cell, Text & Whatsapp: +1 (910) 386-8697

Overseas Text & Whatsapp: +1 (910) 274-1470

Home: Wilmington, North Carolina USA 

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