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Serve with Timothy Two

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Bryan Slater, DMin
Africa Regional Director

Do you think that God is calling you to serve on a Timothy Two Project?

Let us know!

TTPI is always looking to identify those whom God has set apart for the special calling of training pastors and church leaders throughout the world. If you believe that there is such a call on your life - either in a short- or long-term context, please contact us. [You can also find opportunities on Mission Next]


You are welcome to apply whether you are a pastor or a layman; in fact, our founder, Steve Curtis, wrote a book encouraging the role of lay leaders, such as Adult Sunday School teachers, participating in the work of training pastors in the Majority World!

We provide complete training and make sure that all trainers are adequately equipped to serve in this vital ministry.
If you are ready to get the process started, you can complete a Candidate Questionnaire by clicking the button below:

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