West Africa

Steve Curtis visited Liberia in 2018. He writes, “I was met by Rev. Kwaku. We drove together to the town of Virginia, outside the capital city of Monrovia, Along the way, Rev. Kwaku shared some of the sad history of his country and, as if to punctuate the horror, our car was approached at a stoplight by a man with no hands. While Rev. Kwaku explained that it had been common practice for the rebels to cut off the hands of their victims, I awkwardly placed some money between the man's mangled arms. The effects of war linger on for this poor man, and many others we saw along the way.

“Once we reached the church, I met with another wonderful group of Christians. I arrived on a Monday morning, thinking that we were only going to be having a strategy session about the needs of the churches there and how Timothy Two might be able to help. However, in anticipation of my visit, the church had convened a special gathering – some folks closed their shops, others took time off from work, and the parents kept their children out of school – just so that they could all share in the excitement about this opportunity for their pastors and leaders to receive biblical and theological training. I was asked to preach and I spoke on Ephesians 4:1-16, about God’s gifts to the church of order, leadership, worship, and unity. The Holy Spirit used this time together to convince us that the work of Timothy Two there is both needed and desired.”

Brian Martin (pictured) later conducted a workshop there early in 2019. Please keep this work in your prayers!