Southeast Asia

Steve Curtis recently conducted the first training in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Among the participants (who all live several hours drive away in the Chiang Rai province), there were 6 pastors and 1 student from the Lahu tribe, as well as a Kachin pastor and a Karen student. Pastor Dee, who served as interpreter is a genuine polyglot – he is fluent in (at least) six languages! He interpreted into both Lahu and Thai (which the non-Lahu participants understand). This was the first time Steve has ever conducted a workshop with a “double interpretation,” and while it may have slowed them down a bit, it worked!

The pastors were deeply affected by the workshop – declaring that they had long been praying that the Lord would send someone to teach them. They shared how the discussions on the attributes of God revealed much new truth to them, especially as they contemplated His sovereignty, grace, and holiness. They are confident that these new revelations will undergird their own ministries and be useful as they teach others. Praise God that He used this time together to equip these dear brothers to be better shepherds of His flock in northern Thailand! They are anxious for the training to continue.