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South America

Osorno, Llanquilhue and Puerto Montt (the capital of the region and a seaport): ​​National missionary Helmuth Aguilar has arranged for workshops to be held in these three cities in the Lakes Region of Chile. Helmuth  attended Seminario Teologico Bautista in Santiago, Chile. He served his Timothy Two internship with Dan Sonnenberg in El Salvador and is anxious to begin training pastors in Chile as the Lord provides the resources.

Nearly 50% of adults in Chile did not finish high school. There are no full-time theological institutes in Chile, and the institutes that exist only give classes on the weekends and require that the students complete an undergraduate college degree first. The greatest obstacle for pastors to receive theological training is geography. Chile is 2,672 miles long and only 110 miles wide. Pastors find it difficult and cost-prohibitive to travel to the capital for classes. Another obstacle is economic. Pastors earn very little money, so they find it expensive even to pay for online courses. Finally, most pastors have another job to support their families. Therefore, their time for study is minimal.  

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