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Havana: Dan Sonnenberg and Don Johnson have led a total of eight workshops in Havana. And Beth Sonnenberg has led three workshops there. Leo Padrino and his wife, Esdras, have pastored a house-church in their small home in Havana, Cuba for several decades. They coordinated and hosted two complete Timothy Two series of workshops in 2017 and 2018. 


Las Tunas: In 2019, Dan, Leo and Esdras, plan to teach workshops in Esdras' hometown, Las Tunas, 200 miles from Havana.

Palmira; Dan Sonnenberg and his wife, Beth have each led one workshop in city of Palmira in south-central Cuba. Ariandys del Sol served as coordinator of the workshops and pastors a thriving church that reaches several neighboring cities. Immediately after the workshops, the participants began two new classes for children and five new classes for adults using Timothy Two materials. 

In spite of government restrictions, the evangelical churches continue to grow in Cuba. But resources for training are minimal. So they are thrilled to receive these workshops and for the printed materials that Timothy Two provides. 

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