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Edem Yao Sunu

West Africa

Timothy Two Project International is alive and well in West Africa! Training sites are presently underway in Ghana, Liberia, Benin, Togo, and Nigeria. In fact, the country of Ghana has over 100 people who have been trained, with more on the way!  The demand for teachers is increasing.

West Africa also has a new NMP (National Missionary Partner)!  Pastor Edem Yao Sunu, from Ashaiman, Ghana (in southern Ghana), has accepted the call to teach in surrounding towns and villages, outside the Capitol of Accra. He began to fill that role in mid-March, 2022.  We are thankful for the passion and commitment Pastor Sunu has in sharing God’s Word with others, alongside other Timothy Two instructors!

Support for National Missionary Partners

Donations to this fund support the work of National Missionary Partners in West Africa on an “as needed” basis. Each workshop taught by a National Missionary Partner costs $300-$500, which is a fraction of the cost to send an Instructor from the U.S.

What is a National Missionary Partner and what do they do?

A National Missionary Partner is an indigenous pastor who has always lived in a particular country or region, who has completed the series of four Timothy Two workshops, and who is then sent to other towns and cities in his own country or region to teach those workshops to other groups of pastors. We call them “national” missionaries because they serve among their own people. We call them missionary “partners” because they extend our ability to reach other pastors within each country through their network of pastoral contacts in other cities.

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