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JR George

Global Instructor

For the last 40 years, JR and his wife, Roann, have lived in Greenville, Michigan.  Recently retired, they enjoy being active in their church, spending time with family, grandkids and traveling.

Both have been active as youth leaders, SS teachers, and serving on various committees in the church. JR has for many years served as either deacon or elder at Faith Baptist Church in Greenville. Currently, JR jointly teaches both a connection group and the midweek prayer service.

Both have enjoyed the opportunity to go on short term mission trips, which have included a mission trip to Tanzania with World Mission and many working trips to Siloam Missionary Homes in North Carolina. After retiring, JR felt led to look for an opportunity to serve God on the mission field. In the fall of 2020, the Lord led him to Timothy Two and then, to having the opportunity in March of 2021 to teach the workshop, “Knowing God,” to church ministry leaders in Buchanan, Liberia. After returning, he felt led to continue serving with Timothy Two wherever the need might be in the developing countries of the world.

“Equipping to serve” is written on a plaque above the door of the church we attend.  With the Lord giving me the strength and opportunity, “equipping to serve” will be my desire and passion for the mission field.

As the Lord leads you, please consider praying for and supporting financially this ministry of equipping.

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