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Kevin Rees

Global Instructor

Kevin and Shellie have served in pastoral ministry for the better part of three decades, including two terms as cross-cultural missionaries living on two different continents. But they now reside in the coastal plains of eastern North Carolina where Kevin has taken the senior pastorate of a young, local church. Shellie ministers as a registered nurse.

As they have done their entire faith journey, they seek to weave local ministry with international discipleship and spiritual leadership development among the nations. In addition to pastoring, and as a natural extension to his own local efforts to make disciples who make disciples, Kevin is happy to team up with Timothy Two Project International as often as possible to make disciples who make disciples globally—by teaching church leaders in remote parts of the world who have no real access to theological education, by writing resources that make biblical truths both internationally relatable and functionally replicable, and by serving the missionaries who make these unique, world-wide ministries possible.

Kevin and Shellie are proud parents of five, fine young-adults, who are themselves spreading to the four winds. When not preaching, teaching, or writing, Kevin and Shellie enjoy hiking, learning about world cultures, and inspiring people to ask themselves the important question: “Who’s my ‘Timothy’?”

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