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Mark and Franciska Richardson

Latin America

Mark and Franciska Richardson currently live in central Michigan and are proud parents to three adult children.  While they have been dedicated to many aspects of local church ministry and community outreach with The Village Church of Byron, they are now responding to Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations.  They both have a heart for the lost and a great desire to see individual churches in Belize built up into theologically true, doctrinally strong, self-sustaining, and reproducing local bodies that glorify Christ through the preaching of His gospel, intentional discipleship, and leadership training.

Through the Lord’s provision and providence, they have made several trips to Belize and have connected with a young indigenous pastor who is diligently laboring against the tide of false gospels and weak theology that is prevalent in Central America.  Mark and Franciska are actively preparing to leave their current roles and families in Michigan by working with their home church and Timothy Two.  As soon as it is responsibly possible to do so, they plan to move to Belize indefinitely to encourage and labor alongside Pastor Wilson in St. Margaret’s Village of central Belize.

Mark is currently working towards a Pastoral Studies degree at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary while Franciska continues to exercise her love for teaching children and women’s ministries.  Mark’s history as a home builder and Franciska’s years as a pre-school teacher should prove useful as they build relationships with the Hispanic people of Central Belize.  Please consider giving of yourself through prayerful or financial support to their ministry efforts, for the glory of God in Christ Jesus through the building up of the local church.

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