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Central America

Independence: Dan Sonnenberg has led three workshops for pastors and ministry leaders here. Soon, he will lead the fourth workshop, and his wife, Beth, will lead the workshop for children's ministry leaders. Missionary Steve Kohl has served as the workshop coordinator. Dan was surprised by the amazing topographical and cultural diversity to be found in this small Central American country. A land of seacoast and savanna, mountains and jungle, rolling hills and farmland. The national language of Belize (formerly British Honduras) is English, but many other languages are spoken there as well. 

Over the centuries, Mayan(from Guatemala and Mexico), Kriol (mixed British and African), Garifuna (mixed Caribbean and African), Mestizo (mixed Spanish and Mayan), and Mennonite (originally from Holland and Germany) immigrants have arrived en masse and now call Belize home. If you look closely at the photos above, you can see most of these cultures represented among the members of our first workshop in southeastern Belize. And they are hungry to learn God's word!  

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