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Martin McCrory

Southern Africa

Martin has been married to Vanya for 35 years (2022), and they have 3 beautiful daughters: Evangeline, Aquilla and Guinevere. He is a Scottish-born, South African Pastor-Theologian, and an Honours Cum Laude alumnus of the South African Theological Seminary (, with research majors in Systematic Theology and the Pastoral Epistles. 

He has served as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Director for Franklin's 100th Festival in Durban, South Africa, as well as Director of the BGEA School of Evangelism. Martin has pioneered and pastored multi-cultural churches in Britain, South Africa and America for over two decades, rallied Christians together in stadiums for united prayer for many years, and served as both a radio and television teacher. Martin has taught in Africa, Europe, Britain, United States, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand and China, and now has the privilege of being sent by his base-church, Grace Community Church of Topsail (, as a missionary teacher for TTPI, to serve and train indigenous pastors/leaders in the Southern African region. 

Martin's passionate life maxim is to learn “the way of God more accurately” (Acts 18:26), in order to “greatly help those who through grace have believed” (v.27), by “showing from the Scriptures that the Christ is Jesus.” (v.28) 


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