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South Africa

Southern Africa

South Africa is a land of many different people groups – there are 11 official languages! One of these people groups – and one of those languages – is Tswana. The nation of Botswana is named for them (and they are the principle people group in that nation); however, the nation with the largest Tswana population is South Africa.

Timothy Two missionary Martin McCrory is based in Cape Town, and is engaged in multiple projects throughout South Africa, as well as neighboring nations.


Also, TTPI missionaries Steve Curtis and Wilbert Chipenyu have been involved in training several Tswana pastors the Northwest province. As is always the case in these workshops, the participants were eager to learn – and they were, in one pastor’s words, “stunned and amazed” to realize how much they didn’t know about God’s revelation of Himself in the Bible.


The person who arranged this workshop said that we should expect a decrease in the number of participants each day; however, everyone who was there on the first day was still there on the last day – and a couple of them brought other participants on the second day, who also stayed throughout!

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