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Southern Africa

Timothy Two Instructor Wilbert Chipenyu has begun a project in Zimbabwe. He writes:


I didn't expect such an overwhelming attendance a few days after cyclone Idai and that it was time to work in their farms. We got 31 members leaders attending from pastors, sections leaders, women and youth leaders. I was happy to note the Catholic represented by three people and the churches that have services on Saturdays. This doesn't happen much in Zimbabwe.


I was moved by the host church that provided extra food that enables us to keep within budget. The school also provided a classroom for our sessions. The host church has a big church building but had no roof so we could not use it in the weather we had. I was touched that the host church share their facility with other denominations. The pastor asks us to join them in prayer that they might have the roof on even in the present economic challenges therein.  


It was encouraging to note that the host pastor has to take videos of some sessions and shares with branches as far as Harare. We got feedback from some people in Harare that it was a blessing. I hope the next time we go there will have some leaders travelling from far and wide to be part thereof. 

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