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The grace of His confirmation!

It is always such a blessing to hear from those who have attended a Timothy Two workshop, as they relate the fruit the Lord produced in their lives, families, and churches. Here is an email I received today - from someone I have never met, who was taught by someone I have never met! The Lord uses such testimonies to encourage us and confirm that His hand is on the work on this ministry.



I write to officially comment and appreciate you and the entire team of Timothy Two Project Int'l, for your good works by reaching out to the pastors and Church leaders, particularly in Calabar, Nigeria, with the great teaching of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am one of the beneficiaries of the teaching from Timothy Two Project Int'l in Calabar.


My first encounter with Timothy Two Project Int'l was in the month of August, 2023 when [a TTPI teaching missionary] visited Calabar with great teachings that accompanied the wonderful lessons of "GROWING IN GRACE: BOOK ONE " (KNOWING GOD),  which ended up changing my perceptions, reasoning and behavior towards God. 


Again, in the month of December, 2023, just last month, [the missionary] visited again under your sponsorship for another great moment in God's word with GROWING IN GRACE: BOOK TWO (LOVING GOD).


I'll like to let you know that this great work that God has used you to do is already yielding great fruits in our lives and ministries. We have been so influenced with the great lessons as presented in the books you send to us, such that it has now become a working tools for our Bible Studies, Leadership Training/Retreat, Foundational  Class, etc. The uniqueness of the various lessons in Book One, such as The Person of God, The Power of God, and The Perfection of God, and in Book Two: lessons under "Before Transformation," "The Transformation" and "After the Transformation," is second to none. Testimonies of great impact, with proofs of changes in characters and way of teaching in our churches, and our leaders are among the beneficiaries of your lessons. Pastors who wanted to leave their ministries have changed their minds and received back their callings and ministries once again. We give God the Glory. Another thing that further enhanced our enthusiasm for studying during those days was the ability to be fed with food and drinks on a daily basis, and we observed that the sponsorship was also directly from you. We are very happy with you and your team because this kind of gesture is always very hard to see or come by in our area.


Finally, while we look forward to seeing [the missionary] come back to us for BOOK THREE, it's my humble prayers that our God Almighty, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ will bless you, keep you strong and continue to increase and empower you more in Him.

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