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Grace in the Midst of Covid-19!

In Africa, Covid-19 has not spread too much, thankfully. However, some governments have economically shut down their countries as they have here. The problem with this is food prices have gone very high and there are food shortages in many areas. One of these areas is Mugunga, DRC. One of our National Missionary Partners lives near here and has planted a church here. We sent Pastor Steve a small amount of money to both feed his family and to supply for those around the church. Read the testimony that I received today!

“Greetings in Christ Jesus' name. We have been happy to receiving funds to feed the congregation in Mugunga. After we met with church elders, we decide to do the following :

1. Visit each family separately and share the gospel with the church members family. This we did yesterday, elder Joseph , Vestine accompanied me in this and it was very encouraging. The families we visited were very happy to welcome us and hear the gospel preached to them in few minutes. Elder Joseph and l shared the gospel messages. It took us the all morning hours(almost 5hours) to complete this activity. 

2. Distribute food to the church member families on this Thursday as we are not allowed to gather people in one place. So this morning, we went back to Mugunga and have distributed the little food we have bought for the church members and 5 families neighboring the church in Mugunga.

We didn't cook meals for them instead we opted to give them food so they are going to cook for themselves. I clearly told them that you are thinking and praying for them and they, in turn, need to pray for you. 

As direct impact, they set a time for praying every morning and elder Joseph Mbalibukira will be visiting them and share the gospel with them time and again. They want me to to be going there very often. 

The church members and the few neighbors say thank you and are praying for you.

Praying and trusting in God,

Pastor Steve”

Praise the Lord for this faithful work He is doing through His servants! A small gift to Timothy Two's Family Fund can have a a large impact!

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