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People Are Being Fed Spiritual and Physical Food!

Ann and I have had the privilege of traveling in eight African nations over the past three years. It has been a blessing to get to know many precious pastors, Sunday school teachers and their families. We thank God for these relationships, where God has sent us to train. Because of the twenty-five year civil war, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the poorest place we have been. A National Missionary Partner with Timothy Two Project, whose name is Pastor Steve, helped us to train key pastors, and get to know people there. One of the churches the Lord planted through him is in Mugunga, the south part of a city named Goma if you want to look it up. Because of Covid-19, the people there are starving. The government can't help them. Their only hope is in the Lord God. In response to these and needs in other places in the majority world where we serve, Timothy Two Project asked for financial help through our "Family Fund" as we call it. I sent $100 to Pastor Steve recently to help feed his family and the believers and their neighbors in the Mugunga region. On the morning of May 5th, they gathered family heads in the church building and were fed the Word of God and physical food. This has become a great testimony to the goodness of the Lord God! They send their thanks to all who have contributed to this fund! The pictures don't fully grasp the work being done, but our hearts are full of thanks for each of you who helped. Pastor Steve wrote, "We thank the Lord God for his mercies upon us this morning.  This Tuesday, we have been able to share the gospel with the congregation in Mugunga. Elder Joseph delivered the sermon from Phil 4: 18-20 with the encouraging message that " there is no need that God can't meet". 20 head of families were gathered in the church for almost 45 minutes, we sang some hymns, heard Joseph preaching and we prayed for all of us. They are gratefull for the gift and are praying for you. The impact l see is that they are encouraged to trust God and believe in Him who cares for their spiritual and physical needs."

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