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Testimonials from Pastors in the Dominican Republic

These pastors and ministry leaders recently completed Workshop 2, "Loving God," a study about the work of Christ to accomplish salvation and the work of the Holy Spirit to apply salvation in the lives of believers.

National Missionary Partner, Wisly Denis, taught the workshop on three successive Sundays, and hIs son-in-law, Wick, was his assistant. (They are pictured together below). I (Dan) am the Regional Director for Latin America.

See the pastors' testimonials below.

From the participants:

1) "It seemed impossible to take part this time because on three Sundays in a row I had to wake up at 1:00 am to work in the sugarcane and then get ready at 8 o'clock for the workshop. But I have no regrets for what I have learned from pastor Wisly."

2) "I used to be so confused when I went to evangelize the pagans. I used to tell the people that it was me that converted them. But I’ve learned a lot about effective calling, so now I’m able to correct lots of mistakes."

3) "So if pastor Wisly and Wick can leave their church for three Sundays, then I decided to reward their efforts. I had to wake at 2:00 am to work in the sugarcane to be able to have the Sunday free. That study opened my eyes to understand lots of things about sin, repentance and justification."

4) "I appreciate a lot of the topics about sin, effective calling and sanctification. Those lessons impacted my life a lot. So I made up my mind to fix lots thing in my life."

5) "One group of topics that caught my attention included baptism of water, baptism of the Holy Spirit and filling with the Spirit. That helped me to discover lots of my mistakes."

6) "We are really conscious about lots of things that we didn’t know before. That study opened our eyes so we can open other eyes also. Great. Thank you to pastor Dan for this project. We will pray so that they can come back again."

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