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The Wildest True Story from Covid-19

We have been trying to connect with all of our key pastor friends in Africa. I had not heard from one of our dear pastor friends, so sent a message each day. He sent this news back to me. This story is the wildest miraculous story that I have heard. This is directly from his mouth and he is a faithful man, so I know that this is true.

To give to you some background, this pastor went from Tanzania into Congo to do ministry in March. He heard about Covid-19, but it had not reached that part of Africa and there were few people thinking about it at all, so he proceeded to a ministry opportunity that he had set up. This ministry was outside of the city for a week. By the time he returned to the city, he found out that the borders had all closed and he could not return home. He had little money so was not sure what he could do. A Christian family allowed him to sleep in their basement, which was musty and resulted in making him sick. He was in trouble when I finally heard from him the first time. We were worried about him so sent to him $100, which is a decent amount of money there. He said that God used me to “save his life.” Read what happened next below in his own words.

After receiving that money, I talked to a certain captain of a locally made boat. I gave him that money to help me get back to Tanzania. On Tuesday the man put me in a sack as luggage. He threw me in a boat, the soldiers didn't notice. The boat left Congo port with other sacks. We traveled from Tuesday to Friday while I was in a sack. On Thursday, the boat got storms because of the wind. On Friday midnight, we reached in Tanzania lake Tanganyika's shore. They opened that sack at the top and they threw me in a forest. Then, I got out of that sack. I walked one day and half in a forest, then I reached in Kigoma town. On Saturday night I reached my home town. I have made the story short, but I faced many dangers that threatened my life. I thank God I'm now in Tanzania.

What God did was a miracle. He saved my life. Thank you for contacting me, and for allowing God to use you.

This sounds like something from a wild movie. Thank you to those of you who have given to the Family Fund. We used money from this fund to help this dear brother. If you want to contribute, you can go to

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